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Hello music lovers! This year is getting pretty busy music wise. Nearly booked up for the year playing venues with my best friend. Also working on 2 new originals that are close to production. Having a great time musically! Hope to see you at a show this summer! Dates to come soon!

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Things have been going quite well at DonHapnerMusic lately! I've been submitting my instrumentals to a new site who has various opportunities for producers to send their works to for submissions for TV ads, show; Film work; new music beats productions etc. I've already established a new contact with a VP Record Executive who wasn't to too interested in the song I submitted, but he listened to a few other tunes and gave me great feedback and even a few samples of music he would be interested into adding into his portfolio! He even went as far to tell me to keep in touch personally with him with my developments! So to me, I have opened a door! (now if I could only do something about this day job getting in my way of studio time! Lol)

I understand a lot of you don't care to listen to just instrumentals, some that are even short. But those of you that are following along with me on this journey to see where the yellow brick road takes me, thanks for your support and being there with me! I greatly appreciate it!


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